Home Care Package:


Taking care of a home where one lives on a daily basis is a task in itself. This made us think about the state of homes where the owners are absent for long periods of time. That’s how we came up with Zeztate’s Home Care Services program whereby our expertise and experience in Home Care could be made use of by whoever wishes for a clean and healthy home. If the owners so choose to lease out the house, Zeztate will identify the perfect tenants for the home along with shouldering the responsibilities of collection and depositing of rents and timely payments of various bills and taxes etc.

Annual Maintenance of Property:

Zeztate has a well-designed system in place to carry out all sorts of maintenance activities required in a housing property at regular intervals. Zeztate takes care of the maintenance activities required in a housing property which always falls under two categories. Houses which are unoccupied for most of the time and houses which have inhabitants on a regular basis; both have different dimensions when the question of regular maintenance is considered.

Vacant houses poses the problems of accumulated dust and dirt, leaks or other damages in the plumbing fittings that occurs especially during winter times, increase of sediment collection inside water supply lines and the problems related to corrosion happening as a result of lack of use, impairments happening to non-working home appliances, the vacant home being turned into a super-luxury dwelling by pests and other infesting creatures, damages caused by extreme weather conditions like broken windows and finally the home being targeted by anti-social elements for brief occupancy or other shady acts.

Houses with regular occupancy have a totally different range of problems, the most notable ones happening as a result of wear and tear of the household materials. This include inspection of roofing, changing of A/C Filter, door and windows cleaning, polishing of furniture and dusting of light fixtures, plumbing check and corrections, electrical fittings change/repairs, cleaning/changing of carpets/curtains, cleaning of the house interior/exterior etc.

Rental Collection Management:

There are two important aspects to trouble-free rental collection when it has to be trusted with a third-party collection management. Firstly, clear communication of the rental policy to tenants and secondly, timely collection and depositing of rental amount into the house owner’s account. Zeztate offers this service for some good long years now and has a remarkable reputation for being the best in handling the various intricacies associated with rental collection management.

To start with, Zeztate has a clean and clear screening process when it comes to identifying the ideal tenants for a particular dwelling based on its rental requirement and the nature of tenants the owner’s prefer. Once the tenants are identified and the preliminary communication between them and the owners are through, Zeztate will table the rental policy in clear terms for the tenants to understand and agree upon. Then comes the part of rental collection. Zeztate will set a fixed time interval at the start of each month during which the tenants could handover the rental amount to Zeztate which in turn would be deposited in the owner’s account without any delay. Adequate notification and warning mechanisms would be triggered for tenants who causes delay in timely rental payment and would be resolved in a manner completely favorable to the interests of the owners.

Key Holding Services:

We provide ‘the best’ key holding services available in the region which categorically has found to be highly beneficial for both home and business owners. Both commercial and residential property owners can entrust a set of key with us thus transferring to us the responsibilities of safeguarding of a spare set of key, emergency responses when certain alarming situations arise, routine security checks, to act as mediators for tradesmen or contractors, scheduled inspection/maintenance visits to vacant premises, taking care of situations when security or fire alarms are activated etc.

The success of our key holding services is a direct result of the workmanship and dedication exhibited by our key holding executives whom we select after a rigorous, quality-oriented screening process. These executives are subjected to a detailed training which makes them attune to the various policies, from key guarding to emergency entry procedures that are part of our key holding services in the offer. They are equipped with all the latest security apparatus, transportation gear/vehicles, communication devices and other safety tools. Quite understandably, by successfully adding up a right mixture of technology, manpower and service policies we’ve redefined the sphere of professional key holding services in the realm of property management.

Cleaning of Residential Building:

Planning, designing and building a residential property takes only so much time but keeping it clean is one crucial task that lasts for a lifetime. Cleaning a residential property is like bathing a baby the difference being babies grows up, become men/women and take care of themselves whereas a residential property remains the same as that of its cleaning requirements.

At Zeztate we have a range of high precision cleaning services designed taking into account every situations a residential property might need such a service for. Regularly occupied households can opt for our cleaning services on a routine basis whereas vacant or business-oriented properties can choose a bit more comprehensive package that offers a thorough cleaning of every nook and corner of the property concerned.

Our cleaning services primarily focus on preserving the health of a property by carrying out an elaborate cleaning of common residential areas such as living room, bed rooms, laundry room, lobbies, hallways, kitchen, latrine rooms etc. We also offer deep cleaning of carpets and hard flooring, seasonal cleaning of house interiors, windowsills, walls and upholsteries.