Cleaning services


Mechanized cleaning

Efficient and scientific cleaning with highly advanced mechanical devices assures your floors and doors shines right. Get rid of sticky, stubborn dust and dirt by availing mechanical cleaning services from Zeztate. The outright use of latest technology machines and equipment removes even the slightest residue of stains.

Locked and Living House Cleaning

Out on business stay-overs for few months and do not like returning to messy and dusty homes? Or do not want to get into the hideous task of cleaning just alone? Be assured of complete coverage while we are at your service again!

Move-in Move-out Cleaning

Moving in or out of your properties, cleaning is in top of everyone’s list. Whether you are a property owner who wants the house to sparkle for his new tenant or you are an old tenant just trying to leave the property same as bought, we shall take care of the cleaning so well!

Floor Cleaning

Attaining the highest level of clean is just not an easy task. As different is the type of floors, so different is the method that they must be handled. We shall take care all of that specific demands and schedules of yours and confirm your complete satisfaction.

Kitchen /Bedroom / Toilet Cleaning

Now it’s not that sad and hard to maintain your den like new every time. Mechanized equipment and professional cleaning solutions shall be executed by well trained and background verified professionals at your kitchen, bedrooms or toilets that will make them shine in every which way you want them to.

Room Sterilization & Disinfectant Spraying

Indoor environment pollutants can be a likely source of infection transmissions and generate virulent diseases. Air/room sterilization is the most novel way to eliminate contaminants like dust or lint from rooms of patients or children. There are various options of technology services available currently that we can use to battle these contaminants.

Carpet Cleaning

Even after regular vacuuming, your carpet might need deep cleaning unlike regular flooring once every year to 18 months. Superior cleaning options from Zeztate includes special care for your beautiful carpets for them to remain clean and hygienic forever.

Glass Cleaning

Who doesn’t like sparkling glasses with edges and sills wiped clean and dry? We promise such cleanliness is possible with high grade professional equipment and servicemen who will help you remove 99.9% of dirt from the tiniest of pores. Leave all that rubbing and scrubbing of the glasses at your homes and offices to us and be ready to be surprised and proud.