Zeztate's NRI Services

Posted on 2015-09-09 by Zeztate

NRIs play a vital role in our country’s GDP growth. Even though they are working abroad their money transfers and services contribute to the country’s development. But sometimes they don’t get much attention. For example, if a man with his whole family resides abroad, then his property in homeland may get damaged due to lack of proper care.

You might be concerned about who will sincerely manage your property properly while you are abroad. So are you a NRI? And are you suffering such problems? Then don’t get worried. Zeztate is the only and complete solution to all those problems.

Zeztate is a leading real estate and property management company. Zeztate’s NRI services is unique and we are focused on fulfilling the special needs of NRIs. The NRI services offered by Zeztate are:

Property Management

Property Management is one of the main NRI service by Zeztate.  Whatever your properties are, everything will be safe in Zeztate. Zeztate give much importance to sincerity in managing their client’s property. Zeztate’s property management includes residential and holiday properties, commercial retail space or industrial storehouse space. You can trustfully handover over your property to Zeztate‘s NRI services.

Vacation Accommodation Services

If you want to spend your vacation time in your homeland, you don’t need to think more about how.
Because Zeztate is offering a splendid vacation accommodation services wherever you want. Zeztate’s vacation accommodation services are affordable and trustworthy. Good and calm accommodation services are offering by Zeztate. 

Tour and Pilgrim Packages

Where you want to spend your leisure time? Garden city Bangalore or Pink city Jaipur; or want to experience the holy city Banaras.   Zeztate offers tour and pilgrim packages exclusively for NRIs. You just get ready for a trip anywhere in India, Zeztate will give you secure and superb packages. The package includes your accommodation, travel, food and guidance. Your trip will be pleasurable and memorable if it is with Zeztate’s tour and pilgrim packages.

Interior designing

Zeztate have skilled and experienced interior designers. It is one of the most attractive sides of Zeztate in its NRI services. Zeztate does their work honestly and affordably even in your absence. When you reach your home it will be a new and fresh experience for you.

Finishing of woodworks, liasioning works related with the concerned Municipal Bodies, electricity board, local development authorities, updating the records of billing, dues settlements etc are the other major NRI services of Zeztate. Zeztate offers a high class and well organized NRI services with a professional touch and proper documentation which are within your means.