Zeztate Property Cleaning Services

Posted on 2015-11-12 by Zeztate

Cleaning is an important and necessary thing in one’s life. It is said that clean place is a healthy place. So if you want to achieve healthy environment around you, you have to keep your house and surrounding clean and tidy.

Cleaning is not a job that can be done for a name. The place you clean should be tidy. Improper and unclean places invite many problems including both physical and social. The untidy surroundings will invite diseases and the uncleansed places also affect your social reputation. Here comes the importance of Zeztate’s property cleaning services. Zeztate makes your place clean, healthy and happy.

Zeztate’s property cleaning service is good and affordable. You can approach Zeztate for your property cleaning even in your absence. You can trustfully join hand with Zeztate for making your home or any property clean and tidy.

Here are the major property cleaning services of Zeztate.

Housekeeping Services

Zeztate creates a warm and welcoming housekeeping services. Zeztate’s housekeeping services includes residential housekeeping, industrial housekeeping and office space housekeeping. 

Floor cleaning and scrubbing, glass cleaning, windows cleaning, vacuuming, mop all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs, clean & sanitize floors and tile walls, clean & sanitize toilet bowl, tank and lid, wipe vanity/cabinets/shelves, cleaning cabinets, armoire, cupboards and woodwork, cleaning ceiling fans and windows, wash the tiles and all basins in the bathroom, hoover and mop all floors and stairs and make sure all the property is dust free are major housekeeping services by Zeztate.

Moving in and out

If you are worried about how to manage all your cleaning when you are moving into new home or residence, then you can call Zeztate to help you. Zeztate does move in and out cleaning services.  Zeztate helps you to remove dirt from all areas of your house including sofas, porch, carpet, windows etc.

If you move out from your rent house, there needs a deep cleaning. Zeztate’s move out cleaning services do all these cleaning works and make that home look like new to welcome next renter.

Routine cleaning/ Annual cleaning

Zeztate has annual cleaning services and routine cleaning services to their clients. Routine cleaning of Zeztate is, if you are away from your home, the expert team from Zeztate will conduct routine cleaning in your home. Annual cleaning  includes deep cleaning of bathrooms, maintenance of interiors, windows and curtain cleaning, floor cleaning etc. by the expert team. 

Zeztate delivers a level of service beyond anything you've ever experienced. Zeztate has professionally trained, dedicated individuals with a vested interest in ensuring your requirements each and every time they visit.