Top 5 reasons to choose Zeztate Property Managers

Posted on 2015-07-06 by Zeztate

Zeztate is a formidable and reputed name in the real estate industry since its inception. We are committed to provide the tailor made service for our clients with utmost perfection.  Zeztate is literally packed with plenty of services and it ensures timely delivery and comfort for the clients. 
Our extremely dedicated and exceptionally skilled professional team meets all the client needs. Our team discreetly go through all the requirements in the first phase and provide the tailor made service.  These are the five reasons which explain why you should associate with Zeztate! 

Home care Package 
It’s absolute convenient and unique package with a wide range of support services. Our extremely dedicated team of property managers promises a great care for your home.  We assure the whole functionality of the building through transparent home care services. Our team focuses on end to end services like complete co-ordination of space, infrastructure and maintenance, recognizing the need to have 100% satisfied clients.  

Zeztate home care division provides complete legal compliance as well.   Homecare package services are:

Statutory Payment Management      
Electronic Surveillance System
Pest Control                                                    
Security Guarding Services
Building Insurance                                        
Statutory Payment Management
Post - Inspection                                            
Referral checking
Gas and Electrical charges settlement           
Utility Payment Management
Cleaning of Residential Building                   
Maintenance of Landscaping
Roof Leaking Maintenance

Property Transactional Service
The major obstacles in any property transactions are: To get the property rights, the amount of money being exchanged and government regulations. So, our professional team manages these issues and gives you crystal clear idea to proceed to the registration process. At Zeztate, we give you Property Transactional Service System to assist you in commercial and residential real estate projects. We assure a hassle-free service to make your property dealings smooth. 

Our services are:

Encumbrance Certificate for 13 years           
Loan Documentation
Status of Land Ceiling                                
Building Measurement
Land Valuation Service                               
Local Body Taxes for Buildings
Property Sketch                                          
Legal Opinion 
Possession Certificate                                 
Building Valuation Service
Legal Agreement                                        
Encumbrance Certificate for 33 years
Land Tax                                                   
Ownership Certificate
Building Tax

Land /Building Retailing
We have one stop solution for all your real estate concerns. Our professional team provides high end service to every category of clients. Be it flats for rent, flats for sale, apartments for rent, apartments for sale, villas for rent or villas for sale, we undertake services according to the client needs. We provide the perfect assistance to our clients in every single phase of property retailing. Our experienced Land / Building Retailing Team help you to understand the changing trends in real estate market.  Our sole focus is on client needs and preferences. 


We strive to provide the best service to clients.  We cater all client needs and extend our service to:

Purchase of Land                             
Rental of Land
Lease of Land                           
Rental of Building
Lease of Building                     
Rental Documentation    
Lease Documentation                
Registration Documentation
Purchase of Building                 
Sale of Land
Sale of Building

Project Management

Our innovative team helps client to manage the project regardless of size of the project. Our Project Management Division is backed up with wealth of experience and knowledge. We handle projects of all sizes and complexities in a wide variety of locations within a limited period of time itself. 

We have plenty of service to help the project management.

Annual Maintenance of Land
PMC for Landscaping
PMC for building construction
Construction related approvals       
Architectural Consulting Services
Vasthu Consultancy                          
Feng Shui Consultancy

NRI Services

At Zeztate, we address the NRI’s strong and emotional bond with our country. Our professional approach cater all needs of NRI community as if Property Management, Vacation Accommodation Services, Tour Packages and Pilgrim Packages.

For NRI property owners, we undertake and provide the tenant verification report and get the property occupied by the right tenants only. Zeztate’s NRI Service Division also helps in arranging the buyers who offer the best possible price for any property. Apart from the above services, our NRI Service Segment will also provide customized services to your needs and requirements.

We assist you in every stage of property management. You don’t need to sweat in details, we do that for you.