Tips to avoid property crime

Posted on 2015-10-29 by Zeztate

The crime against property is one of the horrific and increasing offense in the society. Property crime is not only harmful for your property but also affects your life too. That’s why many people takes care to avoid property crimes. Still, the daily news reports show that property crimes are increasing.

Burglary, motor vehicle theft, vandalism, shoplifting and arson are the main crimes against property. It involves the taking of property or money but not includes a threat or use of force against the victim.People spend much amount to avoid property crimes.

Here we are briefing some tips to help you to avoid property crime.

Activate auto alarms or anti-theft devices

Whether it is your home or vehicle, you should not forget to activate auto alarms or anti- theft devices. Because of the development of modern technology, good alarms and antitheft devices are available today. It will protect your property from theft.

You can also place a camera in front of your home to know about the visitors of your home. So that it will help you to take necessary steps if a stranger comes there.

Keep emergency numbers always with you

It is the most important thing you should always take with you. The phone number of near police station, neighbors and those who are available at any time should keep with you. Then you can contact them at the right time to avoid more loss. Today safety alert numbers and applications are available in smartphones; it is also very useful and protective. 

Keep a good relationship with neighbors

Those enemies who are near to you are more useful than the far relatives. Like this the neighbors near you are more helpful and useful people for you. So try to keep good and friendly relationship with your neighbors to get necessary help at the apt time.

Always lock your doors

Sometimes in busy some may forget to lock the door of home or car. This situation sometime leads for robbery. To avoid an intruder enter; keep your doors and windows locked when you are in office or residence, especially at night.

Don’t keep valuable things inside your home

Try to keep valuable things like gold and cash in locker or any other secure place. Property crimes are mainly caused to get cash and gold. So try to avoid these situations which welcome robbers.

Immediately Report on Suspicious Activity 
If you witnessed any kind of suspicious activities around you, don’t feel confused to call or report to police.
Prevention is better than cure. Like that taking necessary steps to avoid property crimes is more acceptable. For that you have to go with a trustworthy property management and home care servicer. Zeztate provide good and eminent property management and home care service.

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