Tips for NRIs to invest in Indian real estate market

Posted on 2015-12-16 by Zeztate

India is a country having wide scope of real estate investment and dealings. India is the second populated country in the world. The surveys and studies shows that India will overcome the population of China and attain the position of first very soon. Many arguments are taking place in this matter of population increase and its merits and demerits. However the real estate industry has huge scope here. 

The demand for real estate investment in India is increasing. Along with the demand from the citizens, NRIs are also trying to invest in real estate market of India. Because of the competition and demand, there is a chance of cheating and risk. The main risk is for NRIs because of their absence here. So NRIs should be more careful before investing in Indian real estate market.

Here are some tips for NRIs who are looking to invest in Indian real estate market. 

Determine the nature of the property 


It is the most important thing before investing for a property. First of all you have to learn about the nature of the property that you are going to invest. The location, size and the price are included in this. As a NRI, the chance for getting trapped is more. So try to get more picture about the location and that property’s specifications. You have to find out whether that property is situated in a city area, road facilities, the age of the property and the nearby facilities. You have to speculate about the profit and future dealings of the property. 

Clear all legal matters 

In India, NRI investment has some rules and regulations. Reserve Bank of India is the head person who regulates all  these matters. So you should study about the official rules and regulations regarding Indian real estate investment. You should have clear idea about the rules regarding minimum investment percentage in Indian real estate market and shareholders rules and laws. These matters should be clear officially through legal agreements. 

Choose a trustworthy real estate dealer

Here comes the role of real estate agent. All the above mentioned things will only succeed when you join with a trustworthy real estate and property management company. They can help you for all your real estate dealing in India. 

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