Tips for Maintaining Electrical Safety at Rental Homes

Posted on 2015-10-20 by Zeztate

Electricity is necessary for all homes. In the modern living status, without electricity any work would not be complete. Most of the equipments in a home are working on electricity. So a single day without electricity is unimaginable for us.

Still there are many reasons which hinder electrical safety in your home. Unsafe electrical circuit causes much harm. Sometimes insecure electrical circuit is life threatening. So maintaining electricity is a necessary thing.

If you are staying in a rental home, you should be more aware on electricity and its maintenance.  The chance for the electrical insecurity is high for a rental home. Because the maintenance of rental homes are not always examined and fixed. The lack of time is the main reason for this. It is only checked when there a renter comes. But at that time it may not be checked properly.


The standard checking of electricity is necessary for any home, especially for rental homes. Zeztate, the leading property management and real estate dealers, will help you in maintaining electrical safety at rental homes. The home care services of Zeztate give importance to maintain electrical safety at rental homes. So you don’t have to worry about your electrical safety at your rental homes. But there are some tips for maintaining electrical safety at rental homes.

Here are the simple but useful tips:

Depend on a qualified electrician

Electrician plays an important role in making your electrical circuit safe. Qualified and experienced electrician keeps your electrical circuit safe and secure. The lack of qualified electrician may sometimes leads for huge electrical disaster. For example, the regular tripping circuits and blown fuses are mainly because of the improper wiring system by the electrician.

To get rid of these risks, you have to depend on qualified electrician. Zeztate will help you to overcome these issues. Because Zeztate will provide qualified and trained electrician.

Test GFCI’s and AFCI’s at least once a month


GFCI and AFCI’s are Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter respectively. AFCI is an electrical component designed to protect against fires caused by arcing faults in the home electrical wiring. The AFCI will also protect from overloads and provide limited protection for power cords and extension cords.And GFCI protects you from electrical shock.  These types of breakers should be tested once a month and make sure that it works properly. 

Check electrical cords


Frequent checking of electrical cords are very important to overcome short circuits in your home. Zeztate’s care services will frequently check the electrical cords in your rental home and replace the quality wiring if necessary.

Verify that all bulbs are on same wattage

All lights in your home should be on same wattage. Otherwise it leads for short circuit and connection failure. A bulb with high wattage will heats up faster and result in damage in socket and wiring. 

Zeztate provide all services and maintenance to your rental home by giving high importance to electrical safety.