Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

Posted on 2015-12-11 by Zeztate

It is more than one year, Jomy is trying to sell his home. But he didn’t get a good buyer and the selling process is continuing without an end. As a seller, the most worst situation is not selling his property. It is not the case of Jomy. So many sellers like Jomy is struggling to sell their home. 
There are so many reasons for this worst condition. Here are the reasons that hinder your home selling. 

Condition of your Home 

Condition of your home is very important while selling your home. Only good maintained home has buyers. Otherwise you will not get a buyer for your home. If your home is in poor condition or maintenance issue or repair do it fast before planning to sell it. It is important to treat your home as a product. Fixing electricity problem, roof maintenance, wall maintenance, good water supply etc are necessary to get a buyer for your home.

Price of your Property 

The main reason behind the selling of  your property is money. But don’t demand more price swiftly. Try to understand the market condition. Also think about the condition of your home and its nearby facilities. If your home is in city and have hospital,school facilities nearby, you can demand more.

Lack of Marketing 

Marketing is necessary for every field. Marketing is one of the best tool that you can use to sell your property. Lack of marketing will affect your selling. You can use social media and print media to market your home. 

Lack of good real estate agent 

A good real estate agent can help you very much in this case. The experienced and skilled real estate agent will find  good buyer for your home. Lack of a good real estate agent is also a reason for not selling of your home. 

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