Landlord Liability Issues to Look Out For

Posted on 2015-12-03 by Zeztate

Everyday landlords face some special set of risks. Most of these risks are very expensive. If your property causes injury or damage to a tenant, you are likely to be liable.Landlords are responsible for keeping their rental properties safe for tenants and guests. If you are a landlord you have to be aware on landlord liability. Otherwise it will lead for financial loss.

Here are some set of landlord liability issues that keep in mind.

Injury to the tenants


A landlord is responsible for a tenant's physical injury, if it is because of  your property. To avoid injury try to keep your property well conditioned and maintained.

Dangerous condition of property
Regular checkings and maintenance of the property is necessary to avoid dangerous conditions. Don’t neglect a problem even it is small. Because it can cause issues later.

Security Issues

Security is the most important thing. You are responsible for the security of your tenants. Landlords take the responsibility for making sure on some common areas such as hallways, stairways, elevators, etc. are in a good condition and are reasonably safe and secured from criminals and thieves.

Wrongful acts

As a landlord you should be aware of your roles and responsibilities. Don't do a wrongful act towards your tenants like discrimination on caste, colour,religion etc. Keep a good and friendly relationship with your tenants.

Safety Measures

Make sure that your property is safe. Place fire and smoke alarm in rental property. Conduct regular checking on electricity, gas etc.

These are the main landlord liability issues that may happen. So keeping these in mind can reduce landlord liability issues. Moreover, try to connect with a Property Management Company like Zeztate. Zeztate helps to reduce all landlord liability issues.