Home care services of Zeztate

Posted on 2015-10-08 by Zeztate

There is nothing in the world as sweet as your home. Your home is the best place in the world where you get the best moments and pleasure. Home is the symbol of togetherness and love. Everyone has special bond and memories with home. That’s why everyone cares their home with special attention. All wants a risk free stay in their home. But all the time you may not able to give necessary attention to your home because of various reasons.

So, are you worrying about your home care? Then leave all your home care services to Zeztate. Because we have extremely skilled home care services without breaking your expectations.  Zeztate’s home care services are beyond mere repair and maintenance. Now you can stay away from your home with relief. 


Zeztate promises the whole functionality of your building through flexible and transparent house Care Services. The home care services of Zeztate focuses on keenly studying and examining your facility and offering impeccable Service in terms of procedures, techniques and technology. Rather than basic services, Zeztate provide end-to-end concierge services like complete co-ordination of space, infrastructure and maintenance, recognizing the need to have 100% satisfied clients. 

Zeztate is offering splendid services to eliminate your home care worries. Depends on your needs, Zeztate provides an affordable and excellent home care package for you. The home care package of Zeztate is a yearly package which is a complete home caring. The services includes maintenance, routine visits, cleaning, utility packages etc. 

The main home care services of Zeztate are given below:

Rental Collection Management


Zeztate has a long term experience in the field of home care services. Rental collection management is one of the main home care services.  If you don’t have time to care your leased home, Zeztate property managers will help you with credible and flexible service. Zeztate collects rent from your tenants on time sincerely. 

Key Holding Services

If you want to go for a trip or need to stay away from your home for some days, you can handover your home key to Zeztate property managers. Key holding services of Zeztate is authentic and you need not worry about your home. It will be safe and secure in the hands of Zeztate. 

Statutory Payment Management
All your legal formalities and documents will be managed by Zeztate on the absence of you. Zeztate does a trustworthy statutory payment management with a valid verification. 

Pre – Inspection and Post – Inspection


Pre- inspection and post- inspection are two main home care services of Zeztate.  Pre- inspection means before renting out your home, the Zeztate team will conduct a pre- inspection on the functioning and maintenance of the home and submit report on it. And the post- inspection is conducting inspection after the renters went out of your home and Zeztate will submit report on the current functioning of your home. Thus it will help for demanding extra charge if there is any loss in your home.

Referral checking

Zeztate will help you in detailed referral checking of your home renters. Zeztate will collect the evident information about your renters and their social background. Thereby you will get trustworthy renters for your home.

Cleaning of Residential and commercial Building

Zeztate is the leading provider of residential and commercial building cleaning. Now you need not worry about the cleaning of your building. If it is any building, Zeztate is capable to clean it neatly.  Dining room, furniture, porch, sofa, house and commercial building and special cleaning are included in this service. Before renting out your home there is move in cleaning services and after the renter went out there is move out cleaning. 

Along with these home care services, Zeztate also provides Electronic Surveillance System, Security Guarding Services , Gas and Electrical charges settlement , Utility Payment Management, , Maintenance of Landscaping, Roof Leaking Maintenance, Pest Control, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and Painting.