Fire Safety Tips to Protect Tenants

Posted on 2015-11-04 by Zeztate

Keeping your property secure is a necessary matter. Whether it is your living property or leased property, it is your duty to make sure about the safety. Taking necessary precaution can avoid huge loss. The most dangerous one is of fire. It is an important thing to think whether your property is protected from fire.

Fire safety is about taking precautions. Fire is a life threatening occurrence. Think that, your leased home got fire. Shocking, right?  More than the property loss the life security comes first. So it is your responsibility to safeguard your tenants from these life threatening accidents.

Protecting your property and the tenants from a fire isn’t an easy task when you are out of station. But taking some steps can minimize the chances of its occurrence and guard your tenants from fire. Here are the simple but useful tips to protect your tenants from fire.

Fix Fire Alarms or Smoke Alarms

Fire alarms are a very helpful remedy to protect your property and tenant from fire. Fire alarms will give a prior warning to the dwellers of that home or building. Fire alarm detects the presence of fire by monitoring the changes in environment associated with combustion. Check it every month on its working.

Check the Security of Electricity

Electricity  sometime leads  for huge fire accident. So proper checking of the electrical connection is necessary. If there is any short circuit, repair it fastly. Always go with an experienced electrician to check the electrical circuit and wiring. Check regularly on the overheating of the fuse. Otherwise it leads  fire disaster.

Gather Emergency Contact Number

You should collect emergency contact number of fire and safety. And don’t forget to share it with your tenants also. Fire and safety number is  necessary for all people.

Fix Fire Sprinkler

If you fix fire sprinkler in your building, then at the time of fire, the sprinkler will activate and release water to reduce the fire until help arrives.

Check the Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinder causes  fire accident. So regular checking of gas is necessary to avoid this. Before using the cylinder check  whether it is from an authorized agency and make sure that  there is no leakage . If there comes any smell from the gas, immediately switch off lights and gas cylinder. Then call the agency.

As a landlord you should take care of your tenants. But don’t forget about your safety. Before doing anything regarding this, consult an experienced agency. Zeztate is such a home care and real estate property management agency who can help you in all your property and home care needs.