5 Low-Cost Ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

Posted on 2015-12-22 by Zeztate

Condition of a property plays an important role in its selling value. Good conditioned and well maintained property will get good rent and buyers. But if your property is in bad condition and not properly maintained, it affects the market value. So keeping your property visually appealing and well maintained is necessary for your profit. And also it is the simple but useful tip to attract renters. 


As a landlord, you should have two goals. The first one is to attract renters to your property and the second one is  to make sure that your property value doesn’t go down. Here we are giving 5 low-cost and helpful tips to increase the market value of your property. 

Keep your property neat and tidy
Visual appeal is the first thing that attracts everyone. If you want to increase the market value of your property the foremost thing you should do is to keep your property neat and tidy. You can clean your surroundings and paint the walls before showing it to a renter. It will help to increase impression about the property. 

Clean the household appliances 

If your rental home has many household appliances like fridge, microwave oven, washing machine, etc but not in a good condition, it will affect the rent. So clean the appliances and make it as good as new and shiny. There are many products available in the market to clean household appliances. So buy that and clean your appliances. 

Make over the kitchen 

In case of any home, everyone gives priority to kitchen. Because it is the place where cooking and food related matters occur. So everyone needs a clean and tidy kitchen. It is natural that the kitchen becomes old by ageing. But before showing it to the renters, clean your kitchen very well. 

Bathrooms and Bedrooms 

After kitchen, it is bathroom and bedrooms are the most important rooms that needed to update. Try to replace the old bathroom accessories and polish the tiles. Also maintain the bedroom cupboard, fan, lightings etc. Make sure that electricity and water supply are functioning properly. 

Approach an experienced real estate and property management group

Whatever you maintained and advertised, it is necessary to approach an experienced real estate and property management group to market your property. They will help you to overcome all the problems related to your rental property and help to get a good renters. 

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