About us

Zeztate is a Real Estate and Property management firm headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. Zeztate solves any and all real estate or property related problems with a ‘zest’ thus rightly earning a unique tag of an ‘all-rounder’ in the Real Estate sector. We deliver an extensive array of premium-rated real estate solutions spanning across the length and breadth of Kerala and is backed by renowned corporate groups such as EASTERN,MATHER, AASA & ERAM. Our core business ideology is to provide outstanding professional services to clients without compromising on the integrity, accountability and quality expected of a top-notch real estate firm. Mechanized cleaning and Property Buying/Selling/Renting. With Zeztate’s insightful expertise by your side, you can fulfill any kind of Real Estate/Property Management needs easily in a time bound manner. The Zeztate team of service experts helps you with every detail of buying and selling all types of properties thereby bringing in true value to the money and time you invest in.