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Real Estate & Property Management Services

Zeztate strive to bring the best professional and strategic service for clients in Kerala. Our client management concept is based on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality. Zeztate provides an array of specialist property service across Kerala. These services include Homecare, Property transactions, Property Management, NRI Services and Property buying/selling/renting. With an expert advice and service, Zeztate helps clients to fulfill their real estate and property management needs in a hassle-free manner. Our dedicated team helps clients in buying or selling properties of all types and work hard to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Zeztate is one of the formidable real estate agents in Kerala. The business concept has developed, nurtured and promoted by five renowned corporate groups Eastern, Mather, AASA, ERAM and Ziqitza.

Zeztate group provides a comprehensive property agency service offering highly professional assistance to all your property management needs. With Dubai (UAE), Mumbai and Kerala (India), North America and Canada as main hubs for service, Zeztate has its eyes on fulfilling every need of the customer in Real Estate & Property Management sector.